Last Change
Part 2 of powerpc64.git
2 years ago
The original Centroid.EU blog written in PHP
6 months ago
The second Centroid.EU blog written in C with BCHS (kcgi)
6 months ago
DelphinusDNSd a small authoritative DNS server
4 hours ago
I use this pass-calculator to create long WIFI passwords.
13 months ago
The last popa3d from OpenBSD, changed to accept TLS 1.2 secure connections.
7 weeks ago
My attempt at porting OpenBSD/macppc to 64-bit for my G5 in 2018 here are the sources changes/history. The effort was a fail, but it got enough attention with OpenBSD to do their own powerpc64 port for POWER9 machines (raptorcs)
2 years ago
This is the legacy WildcardDNSD code repository that hasn't seen development since November 2014 after the fork to delphinusdnsd (also in this gotweb).
6 years ago